Industrial load bank devices play an important and vital role in overcoming the problem of partial load and avoiding harmful operation of generators; Therefore, one of the electrical contracting companies in Egypt that has great experience in the field of industrial loads should be chosen. To get the best result.

What is the definition of industrial load bank devices

It is a type of device specially manufactured for testing electrical generators when manufacturing and in cases of periodic maintenance of backup generators. Its role is to assist in converting electrical energy or dissipating it in the form of heat. The aim of the “load bank” devices is to contribute to testing and protection inside electric power plants. .

There are different forms of industrial load devices, which are determined according to the type of load. It is either resistance, reactive, or reactive resistors, and there is a fourth type, which is fixed or mobile.

The role of industrial load bank

“AMEC” is one of the most important electrical contracting companies in Egypt. We have a group of the best electrical testing devices. We provide all services related to this field by using the latest load bank devices that are able to accurately identify existing electrical problems.

We also test the generators by means of industrial loads «Load Bank» starting from the capacity of 50 KVA to 3 MVA, and we have the equipment to check the loads of the generator «Load Bank», and test the loads of diesel generators, and «AMEC» provides the service of overcoming the partial load according to the needs of the project.

AMEC previously manufactured a “Load Bank” with great capacity and works efficiently for 24 hours. It also overcomes heat. The company has previous work in this field for several major companies, including oil companies.

The best electrical contracting companies in Egypt

Also, AMEC Contracting provides integrated solutions and services; To test generators and turbines, and avoid harmful operation of generators by performing AC and DC tests.

The company has a team at a high level of efficiency and has many experiences in the field of electrical contracting, and thus we provide the best plans and studies that suit the requirements of the customer and the generator and his role within the facility, which enables us to obtain the best results that often exceed the aspirations of the customer.

We have a great business precedent in this field, through which we have achieved distinguished results with customers … All you have to do is define what you want in relation to electrical contracting and the desired goal … and communicate with us and the results will impress you.

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