Total Facility Management (TFM)

The designs of the companies’ offices give a good or bad impression for the visitors or employees of the company. Therefore, obtaining distinctive designs and decorations takes great care of the owners of companies, as they serve as the mental image of the place.

The best corporate office designs

Company owners need expert eyes in the field of preparing administrative office decorations in order to invest resources in proportion to their needs in order to achieve maximum benefit, and this is what companies provide for administrative office equipment.

AMEC stands at the forefront of companies that offer the best corporate office designs, by owning a group of experts who are able to innovate and provide excellent service to the customer by providing many designs that fit the nature of the client’s business at premium prices.


Modern administrative office decorations

Since the beginning of its work in the Egyptian market 8 years ago, AMEC has participated in making many success stories in the field of equipping administrative offices with its clients, as MBC Egypt and DMC have perfectly designed their administrative offices.

And because we realize the importance of corporate office furniture, and that it is one of the most important factors that help in conducting work in the office smoothly and comfortably, and that it is an important element in contributing to the completion of the required work, and that it gives a good impression on the company’s customers; Therefore, AMEC provides some of the best modern office decorations.

Meet different customers’ needs

The process of equipping administrative offices goes through several stages, starting with defining design goals and creating three-dimensional drawings for offices – interior design for offices, and then implementing office decoration works and supervising the manufacture of office furniture and office furniture, and in the end our experts deliver a ready-made office project in addition to office furniture, without notice. The customer has no burdens.

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