Total Facility Management

Maintenance of buildings and facilities has gained great importance in recent years. Because it contributes to maintaining the continuity of the workflow cycle inside the facility without any breakdowns, which could cause the owners of the facilities great material losses.

AMEC Contracting provides all building maintenance and operation services, which are:

*Maintenance of various fire systems  

Central air-conditioning units, drinking and extinguishing water tanks, water pumps for swimming pools, fountains and industrial waterfalls are carried out.

* Preventive maintenance

It falls within the building maintenance and operation services that we provide, and it is divided into scheduled maintenance to prevent breakdowns, predictive maintenance «use of equipment or tests to predict when maintenance is needed», and elevator maintenance.

*Energy systems

It is represented in regular power systems, electrical stations, emergency power systems, uninterruptible power supplies, and backup generators.

* Building systems

They are divided into building automatic systems, building surveillance and security systems.

* Safety systems

It is represented in watering systems, fire detection systems and fire extinguishers.

* Place management

We plan office space, systems and furniture setup.

Total Facility Management

Best building maintenance and operation services

AMEC Contracting Company has a distinguished experience in the field of building maintenance and operation, as it provides administrative building management services from comprehensive maintenance and renewal of buildings and managing their facilities by trained engineers and technicians who are present around the clock.

AMEC relies on building maintenance and operation services on a group of the best engineers and technicians who are able to provide the service in the best possible way, and to overcome all obstacles facing customers, and we have distinctiveness in the field of business development specified in the preventive maintenance schedules.

High quality and premium prices


AMEC provides distinguished services for the maintenance and operation of buildings, as it comes out in the best image and with high quality and achieves the desired results, with flexibility in prices.

We previously provided maintenance and operation services for buildings to many major companies and institutions in the Egyptian market, such as Hassan Allam, Al-Ahly Channels, MBC Egypt and DMC.

Do not hesitate too much and do not miss the opportunity .. Take the initiative to contact AMEC and you will find what you need, and you will not regret the choice.

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AMEC has success stories in the field of supplying and installing firefighting systems with many major entities in various fields


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