The owners of companies and businesses pay great attention to generators and maintain their continuity within their respective sites. Because any malfunctions in it cause the workflow to stop, which affects the productivity of the company or factory; This is evident with the great importance of the availability of maintenance of generators.

Due to the importance of the role of generators, the business owners always search for the best generator maintenance companies. To ensure that the generator does not stop working and continues to perform its role within the facility.

Regular maintenance of generators

AMEC Contracting Company is keen to provide periodic maintenance of generators to its customers, through a group of the best and most skilled technicians and engineers who are able to confront and solve any defect in the generator; Due to the great experience they gained from working in this field for many years.

AMEC maintenance team can perform all tasks related to the generator maintenance process, whether it is repairing the electrical part of the generator or rewinding the generating equipment, as well as maintenance of the rotor or stator, as well as the services of changing wear and lifting or insulation.

AMEC is one of the most important and best generators maintenance companies in Egypt. It has only reached this level thanks to its highly trained and qualified team that has been carefully selected and tested its ability and skills in the field of maintaining electrical generators and maintaining international quality standards.

AMEC services in the field of generators

AMEC also provides its customers with generators maintenance contracts that help them eliminate all fears related to the occurrence of malfunctions of the generating equipment and thus the work stoppage for a period and the negative impact of this on the productivity of the facility Because we always work with our customers as if we are partners and therefore our primary goal is to help them succeed and achieve their goals.

Our services with regard to electrical generators do not stop at maintenance only, as we provide lease contracts for generators, as well as selling generators, besides that our team is able to operate more than one generator in one location.

There are many companies selling electricity generators in Egypt, but we inside AMEC have great experience, development and vision of young people who keep pace with everything new in the field of electrical generators, which makes us always able to provide the best services with high quality and flexible prices.

Just specify your needs regarding generators … and contact the AMEC team, who will provide you with what you want

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