Certainly, it always strives to provide the best working environment for you and your employees within your organization; Especially since your company design is a part of your brand identity.

AMIC Contracting Company provides you with a modern office interior design, suitable for the nature of your business; If you are seeking to establish your company, or to renovate your office, your mom can provide you with what you need with ease, and at competitive prices.


office design basics

There are a number of principles followed for office interior designs. The way managers’ offices are designed differs from the nature of designing employees’ offices, from archives, meeting rooms, and so on.

1- Interior design for managers’ offices:

It is preferable that the manager’s office be designed in a modern style, preferably offices made of metal, and leather chairs.

It is also preferable that the floors be of parquet, with glass doors, that the manager’s office also accommodates a large-sized meeting table.

2- Interior design for employee offices:

When designing employee offices, it is taken into account to provide comfortable lighting for the eye, in addition to natural lighting coming from the windows in the office.

It is also preferable to use built-in desks, glass doors, and comfortable chairs made of plastic, which facilitates the movement of the employee.


Office interior design

Designing office interiors is not easy; There are things that you should keep in mind when designing, they are as follows:

1- Simplicity of design:

The most used trends when designing interior office decorations are; Those that rely on simplicity, so that the office is not full of distracting details, and at the same time the office looks sturdy and elegant.

The most common decorations in office designs are Scandinavian decorations, classic decorations, and modern decorations.

2- Consider storage space:

Of course, you will need to have storage units inside the office, to put important papers and documents, and this is what some people may ignore when designing offices.

Having storage units in offices also helps keep the work environment organized and clutter-free.

3- Flexibility:

Flexibility should also be taken into account when designing an office interior, making use of every piece of furniture, so that the number of employees is sufficient, and provide them with a suitable work environment.

Office Interior Design Standards

Before designing the office, it is necessary to conduct a simple study of the space, how to make optimal use of it, determine the sources of lighting and windows, and be familiar with the nature of work.

Also, be sure to choose the appropriate colors for the nature of the work so that it does not cause boredom, distribute the spaces appropriately, and use the appropriate materials for walls, ceilings and floors.

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