How to maintain solar panels
Solar energy has emerged in recent years as a positive alternative to non-renewable energy sources such as “coal” in light of the increased risk of global warming, and the advantage of solar energy as providing a sustainable source of energy, which made the solar power stations of great importance.
Despite the advanced technology that is available in solar power plants, the systems that operate with them need maintenance of solar panels to a lesser degree than systems that operate with other energy sources, because they contain fewer moving parts.
Solar power plant components
It consists of 3 parts, namely:
* Solar panels: They are connected to each other by electrical wires by parallel and sequential, and their role is to convert solar energy into electrical energy.
* Collection point: It is an electrical wires connected to the cells inside the solar panels, and it serves as a collection point for the electrical energy produced by the solar cells.
Inverter: a cycle of converting electrical energy produced by solar cells, in the form of constant voltage (DC), to convert it into a usable alternating voltage (AC).
The most prominent problems that need maintenance of solar panels
There are a number of problems that affect the work of solar power stations, and they are often related to the panels, such as cracks inside the panels during the industry or when transporting them from the manufacturing headquarters to the station, and in many cases there is difficulty in seeing these cracks, which have a role in reducing Solar panels work efficiently and may fail permanently.
Also, among the problems that occur to solar panels is their increase in temperature in the shade, as a result of the appearance of dirty spots that fell on the panels that may cause damage.
Best solar panel maintenance company
AMEC Contracting Company provides all services related to solar power stations from designing and maintaining in a professional manner in line with the great developments in this field, as we have a group of the best engineers and technicians specialized in designing and maintaining solar energy stations
AMEC provides preventive maintenance services for solar energy stations, and we have the ability to design these types of stations, as we have experts with a high level of experience and efficiency in this field.

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