Many large establishments and which have a large number of workers depend on installing central air conditioners; Because it keeps the room temperature and staff gathering places at an even temperature, and this helps to create a comfortable working environment.

As with all electrical and electronic devices, central air conditioning maintenance must be carried out periodically in order to ensure the safety of the air conditioners and to prevent any sudden malfunctions that cause the device to stop working.

AMEC Contracting Company provides the best maintenance services for central air conditioners, as we have a wide range of expertise in this field available to the technicians and specialists in the company who provide this service with the best quality and high efficiency in the Egyptian market.

4 faults that require central air conditioning maintenance?

There are some issues that affect the central air conditioner and cause it to stop working or its operational efficiency poor. This causes it not to perform the function for which it was installed, and in the following lines we provide an explanation of the faults of central air conditioning:

Decrease in the efficiency of the central air conditioner

This failure is due to several factors, including damage to the compressor due to temperature extremes, or dust that clogs the air filter, or overheating engines lead to corrosion.

Water dripping from the conditioner

The absence of insulation for the pipes causes the hose to become clogged in the drainage process, one of the main causes of this precipitation.

The burner is disrupted

Corrosion of the engine and the presence of an object that impedes the movement of the evaporator fan, or a loosening of the screw that performs the role of fixing the fan, all of which lead to the end of the evaporator’s work.

Sounds from the air conditioner and a failure in cooling

This results from placing the external device of the air conditioner in a place where the sun is vertically focused on it, or the temperature of the compressor rises more than normal and this causes it to stop working, as well as damage to the condenser fan.

Central air conditioning maintenance steps

Maintenance of central air conditioners is one of the delicate operations that need expert technical dealing with it, and this is available to us at AMEC Contracting Company, where we have a group of the best technicians specialized in this field, and this enables them to accurately identify the problem and then take the appropriate steps for maintenance.

Central air conditioning and its types

Central combination conditioner

Split central air conditioner

If you want to acquire a central air-conditioning system with high operational efficiency, with a guarantee of obtaining the central air conditioning maintenance periodically .. Contact your mom and you will find everything she wants.

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