Electric generators are known as “dynamo” as they are a device that converts different forms of energy into electrical energy and provides a large amount of electricity that is sufficient for a full day at most. To learn more about the types of electrical generators, get your guide from AMIC Contracting, follow us .

The most powerful types of electric generators.

Electricity generators work as a machine to store electrical energy for use when needed. They are often used in areas without electricity, inside camps, or in places where the electricity pressure is weak and needs to be strengthened, so their work is not limited to only when the electricity is cut off.

These generators have the ability to illuminate the place and periodically transfer energy to homes. The world of generators includes various forms of electrical generators, as follows:

First: portable generators

This type of generator has the ability to provide approximately 20 thousand watts, and it can be used in emergency situations when there is a power outage, for example, and it is easy to move it to fallow places or external sites far from electricity sources to operate well-drilling equipment, irrigation systems and agricultural equipment, in addition to To camping areas and outdoor events.

Portable electric generators use diesel or gas as fuel for the combustion engine through which electrical power is generated, but must be manually started and connected to electrical appliances directly or the house’s sub panel.
This type is characterized by being relatively inexpensive compared to other types of electric generators, and attention should be paid to preventing its operation in closed places or indoors, in addition to covering it well to protect it from weather variables.

Second: backup generators

Standby generators have the ability to provide a large amount of electrical energy, ranging between 7000 to 20000 watts, according to the design and features it was assigned to. This type is designed to provide energy automatically when the power is cut off until it returns, and it is usually installed in camps and waste places.

When installing this type, it needs professional specialists, as it is installed professionally, allowing the withdrawal of fuel from the available natural gas or propane supply lines, often after obtaining the necessary permits from the competent authorities.

These standby generators are usually fully enclosed and vary in size and cost according to the high capacity so you should check the generator dimensions very carefully to suit your needs.

Third: Diesel Electricity Generators

Diesel generators are the main element in the industrial and domestic electricity system, other than the general current, because of their high efficiency, long life and lower maintenance. The cost of energy generated by diesel electric generators is less expensive by increasing fuel efficiency. Diesel generators are divided into the following:

1- Basic diesel generators

It is used to operate the loads when it is not possible to connect the public electricity network to remote areas or when the load capacity is higher than the capacity of the public network.

2- Backup diesel generators

It operates as a backup when the power is cut off during a certain period of time, and after the end of the period, it must be turned off for his convenience

Fourth: natural gas generators

This type of generator uses LPG or propane but has a lower power output than a diesel generator so you may need to increase the volume to achieve the same results.

The natural gas generator reduces heat emissions problems and provides easy storage in or above ground tanks, so these generators are the ideal choice for obtaining energy, but they are very expensive to purchase.

After the electric generators topped the list of the basic elements that are required to be available within any institution, company or factory, we provide you, through AMIC Contracting, with the most powerful types of electric generators through sale, rental and maintenance services, only you can contact us.