Fire Fighting Installation System

The main objective of the development of Fire Fighting Systems is to reduce the great danger caused by various fires, protect the lives of individuals present at the facility, as well as reduce the losses that may affect the building as a result of the fire.

AMEC emphasizes that Fire Fighting Systems are absolutely indispensable in facilities, especially service ones, which are more prone to fires than others.

Types of fire Fighting systems

Types of Fire Fighting Systems vary according to the uses of the substance intended for extinguishing, namely

Firefighting system using water pumps

This system is a set of water pumps (fire pumps) with special specifications to push water in order to deal with the fire through pipes and sprinklers powered by electric motors to maintain the water pressure level.

CO2 Carbon Dioxide Firefighting System

One of the most important advantages of carbon dioxide gas is that it helps to lower the temperature, which helps to extinguish the fire. These cylinders are filled with gas in liquid form, but it turns into gas when a fire breaks out. This type is usually used in fires caused by short electrical circuits.

Firefighting System Using Foam

It is a collection of air-filled bubbles formed from an aqueous solution. Its most important advantage is that it has a lower density than liquids, which makes it capable of separating and cooling air, and stopping the outbreak of the fire.


Firefighting System Using Fm200 Gas

This type is used on in places where electrical fires rates are high, and it is also suitable for extinguishing fires of solid materials.

Water-Based Firefighting System

This firefighting system differs from pumps, because this type uses a water spray with a dependence on the force of pressure to extinguish fires.

Advantages of AMEC firefighting systems

AMEC Contracting Company provides its customers with the advantage of supplying and installing fire-fighting systems that guarantee them access to the elements of security and safety, by providing all solutions for fire systems, whether they are fixed for automatic extinguishing with water (water sprinklers, spray, and foam).

AMEC Company outperforms fire systems companies in Egypt with the expertise it possesses in this field, which our experts gained from previous works that the company provided with many major institutions such as El-Nasr General Contracting Company “Hassan Allam”, MBC channels Egypt and DMC.

We also have a group of the best specialists in supplying and installing firefighting systems; which contributes to our customers getting high quality, and also AMEC provides the best prices for fire alarm devices in the Egyptian market.

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