Firefighting and extinguishing systems are one of the most important elements that must be available in any facility, ensuring your safety and the safety of workers inside the facility, in the event of a sudden outbreak of fire.

Among its many services, AMIC Contracting provides you with the service of installing the fire extinguishing system and the latest firefighting systems; Because we know that it is the number one element in securing and protecting lives within any facility

The importance of firefighting systems

Fire fighting systems; They are systems designed to automatically extinguish fires as soon as they start anywhere in your organization, making them essential and indispensable.

Firefighting systems from AMEC Contracting guarantee that you will reduce the dangers caused by fires, which may threaten lives, and will cost you at least huge material losses.

At AMEC Contracting, we provide you with the latest firefighting technologies, from fixed systems that depend on carbon dioxide, automatic systems, and the installation of a fire extinguishing system with the highest standards.

What are fire fighting systems made of?

At AMEC, we provide you with a variety of firefighting systems to suit different types of fires, and firefighting systems differ among themselves in terms of the material used for extinguishing, including, for example:

1- Fire fighting systems using water pumps:

This type depends on the use of water pumps specially designed to deal with fires through water pipes and sprinklers.

2- Fire fighting systems using carbon dioxide:

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most important elements used in extinguishing a fire. Carbon dioxide lowers temperatures, which contributes to effectively extinguishing fires, especially in fires caused by electric shorts, which are not suitable for extinguishing with water.

Carbon dioxide is filled into cylinders in liquid form, but turns into a gaseous state in case of fire.

3- Fire fighting systems using FM200 gas:

Firefighting systems based on FM200 gas are used for fires caused by solid materials, and are also suitable for fighting fires caused by short circuit.

4- Foam firefighting systems:

Foam has a lower density than liquids, and this makes it able to put out fires by separating and cooling the air.

The main differences between firefighting systems

We at AMEC have a skilled group of the best engineers and technicians, specialized in installing the fire extinguishing system, who can nominate the best and most appropriate system, according to the activity of your facilities, the most prominent of which are the following:

1- Automatic water extinguishing systems:

This type of fire extinguishing system is the oldest and most widespread, as it is the least expensive, and is suitable for small to medium commercial activities.

You can rely on AMEC automatic water extinguishing systems in industries such as paper, textile, or carpet, provided that you do not rely primarily on electrical appliances.

2- Fire extinguishing systems using FM200:

Best suited in medical facilities and highly crowded places, FM200 fire extinguishing systems can operate within only 10 seconds of a fire outbreak, avoiding heavy losses.

This gas is also completely safe, effective in controlling fires, easy to store, and low cost.

AMEC Contracting Company Services

At AMEC Contracting, we provide you with the supply and installation of fire extinguishing systems and firefighting and suppression systems, with the highest quality and the most competitive prices.

What makes you trust your mom and make us your first choice; It is our vast and extensive experience in this field, which we gained from previous distinguished work in the most prominent companies and major institutions in Egypt.

At AMEC, we are pleased to contact you at any time, to learn more about the services and solutions that we offer.