Electrical Transformers

Electrical transformers are of great importance in the process of protection from short circuits and overloads, as they are an indispensable part of the electrical system, and their use achieves many vital functions in the system of electrical power networks.

Uses of the electrical transformer

An electrical transformer is a piece of equipment used to lower or raise the voltage to a certain amount of electrical power and to transfer energy from one coil to another through a magnetic field in an iron core.

Transformers are also used with measuring and protection devices when the currents and voltage are high by reducing the values ​​of currents or voltages to small values ​​that can be measured and dealt with, as well as the transfer of electrical power over long distances from the places of its generation to the places of its distribution and use, and also used to reconcile the impedances.


Best electrical transformer services

The company provides rental services for electrical transformers, as we have all kinds of electrical transformers to suit all customer requirements. AMEC cooperates with major companies working in the field of electrical transformers.

Our role does not depend on renting or selling electrical transformers. We deal with our customers as partners in the work system within its own institutions, and our priority is to achieve customers to benefit from the maximum benefit from obtaining an electrical transformer.

Installation and maintenance of electrical transformers

Our goal is to obtain the desired results from the operation of the equipment; Therefore, we have a team of experts with a high level of competence, skill and experience in the field of installing electrical transformers, and our team supervises the equipment installation process from digging cable trenches to training personnel on the safe operation of systems.

AMEC has the advantage of working in the best types of electrical transformers, and we are not satisfied with that. We provide our customers with periodic maintenance services for electrical transformers through a team of highly qualified maintenance experts, in order to contribute to maintaining the continuity of the equipment work cycle and not to disrupt the workflow.

Our company relies on the confidence of the major manufacturers of electrical transformers, and this enables it to obtain the best types of electrical transformers, with many advantages that enable the company, and we have flexibility in the prices of the electrical transformers that we offer.
All you have to do now is to define the goal of obtaining an electricity transformer .. and initiate contact with AMEC, and we will provide you with your needs at special prices and many advantages.


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