Electrical Panels

AMEC manufactures electrical panels according to the latest technologies and the highest approved quality and safety standards. To meet the needs of electrical wiring works in industrial and commercial applications; To ensure maximum protection from electrical contact and the risk of electric shock.

Types of electrical panels

Distribution panels

  • Main distribution Panels.

  • Electricity distribution panels in places of service.
  • ATS electrical panels or automatic transfer panels.
  • Service electricity panels.
  • Distribution electrical panels.
  • ATS electrical panels or automatic transfer panels.

Control panels

  • MCC control panels used in central air conditioning.
  • Electrical panels synchronous control generators.
  • ATS electrical control panels.
  • Automatic Transfer Panels
  • Control panels that are used to operate motors and pumps.
  • Direct online “DOL” control panels.
  • Star – Delta electrical control panels.
  • Electrical panels with speed achievements using a Variable Speed Drive inverter.
  • Industrial load bank control panels.

Best electrical panels manufacturing companies in Egypt

AMEC Contracting is one of the electrical panels manufacturing companies in Egypt that offers a distinguished and reliable range of electrical panels that suit all customer needs.
We have a group of the best engineers and technicians who supervise the manufacture of electrical panels in our own workshops in accordance with the needs of the market.
Electrical panels are manufactured within AMEC’s ​​workshops under the full supervision of the best engineers and technicians from the beginning of design to installation, where we know the customer’s requirements and accordingly the appropriate electrical panels are designed for him.

Best prices for electrical panels

AMEC provides the best competitive electrical panels prices that you cannot find anywhere else, and the prices are determined based on the vision of the company’s engineers and technicians for the project for the needs of the project being prepared.

We provide the customer with a lot of steps through the experience that we have in the field of manufacturing electrical panels, as it is sufficient for him only to inform us of the purpose of purchasing the electrical panel and we take care of preparing the electrical panels that suit his needs and goals.

AMEC Contracting has experience and a distinguished business in the Egyptian market in the field of manufacturing electrical panels, as we have dealt with major institutions and entities in various sectors, whether economic or media, such as MBC Egypt, DMC, Al-Ahly and Dream channels, as well as Hassan Allam group of companies And the development of Egypt.

You just have to define your needs and communicate with us, and your mom will provide you with everything you want.


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