AMEC is one of the leading companies in providing energy services and solutions; The most prominent of these are electrical load distribution services.

At AMEC, we are keen to provide our customers with what meets their needs of electrical loads at the best prices and the highest quality.

Types of electrical loads

There are four types of electrical loads fed by distribution networks, as follows:

1- Residential electrical loads:

This type of load feeds the residential areas; Such as cities, rural areas, and suburbs, and this type of load is also known as local load, and its calculation depends mainly on the weather, standard of living, and quality of residence.

Local electrical loads are suitable for running lights and household appliances of all kinds, because they do not require a high level of energy.

2- Commercial electrical loads:

This type of load falls under this type of load feeding commercial places, airports, government places, hospitals, ball fields, malls, and offices.

3- Industrial electrical loads:

It includes the distribution of electrical loads to factories, whether large or small, in addition to workshops, and other industrial places, home industries, and heavy industries.

4- Agricultural electrical loads:

The last type of electrical loads are; Agricultural electrical loads, which are suitable for pumps used for irrigation, and also do not need high loads.

In any case, any of the previous load distribution networks can distribute the loads to a mixture of residential places, with commercial or industrial places, and so on.

How to use loads in the design of electrical load distribution networks

There are a number of factors that should be considered before distributing electrical loads, which are determined by a group of our specialized engineers and technicians, including:

contrast factor.
demand factor.
As for industrial networks, the following should be taken into account:

1- Making a map and locating the large loads, and calculating the total load.

2- Determining the connected load, and calculating the maximum demand, through the use of coefficients of variation and demand.

3- Abnormal loads, loads that require special operational cycles, and equipment that need to be operated, whatever the circumstances are.

4- We then study the different distribution systems, and choose the most appropriate according to the previous calculations, with attention to calculating the costs and making them appropriate as well.
5- The last step is a single initial drawing and layout of the system, according to the previous data.

AMEC Services
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