Electrical transformers have an important role in electrical power networks; Electrical transformers are used to reduce or raise the voltage to a certain amount of electrical power, in addition to transferring energy from one coil to another.

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Advantages of buying electrical transformers from AMEC

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Types of electrical transformers

Due to the diversity of electrical transformers; It can be divided into types, most notably the following:

1- In terms of use:

These transformers raise the current, lower the current, or raise the voltage, and the most prominent types are power transformers and distribution transformers, and they are installed outdoors, or on indoor ground poles.

2- In terms of insulation:

This quality is very special; It has a 1:1 rotation ratio and is used to isolate the ground conductors of the power line from the chassis, and are either oil-immersed or dry.

3- In terms of measurement:

They are also called current transformers, voltage transformers, and voltage ranges, and they are used in distribution networks for measurements of voltage and current.

Places to sell power transformers in UAE

There are many places where you can get electrical adapters; But what distinguishes AMEC is our precedent, which attests to our leadership in this field.

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