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The company provides many services for the maintenance, installation and testing of solar panels and to ensure the efficiency of their operation. AMIC also participates in the installation work and synchronizes it with the public network to ensure the highest possible benefit and to provide financial and technical consumption.

We are currently honored to provide consultancy and measurement services at the Benban solar power plant in Aswan

What is the importance of solar panels?

Solar energy is directly responsible for supplying renewable energy sources that are environmentally friendly and do not result in sediment and pollutants. With the significant decrease in the use of fossil fuels, oil, coal and natural gas in energy production, the importance of solar energy has increased.
If we want to get to know more closely about solar panels, they are the main factor inside solar energy systems that is directly responsible for generating electrical energy, and they are manufactured from silicon that can absorb light from the sun.
The silicon is very shiny in order to take advantage of the reflection away from the cell and the application of an anti-reflection coating in the cells.

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3 types of solar panels

Get to know them

There are 3 types of solar panels, each of which has different characteristics from the other that suit the role it plays, and if we want to talk about which of them is the best, this is wrong because the differences between each type of them are fake, and these are the types of solar panels

Mono crystalline Silicon

It is characterized by the purity of the silicon crystals in it, and this makes it look consistent, and it consists of a group of silicon alloys divided into several slices, and it is the most expensive type of solar panels.

Among the specifications of the mono panels is their ability to provide an efficiency of up to 22.5% inside the lab, but experience has proven that the efficiency does not exceed 17.5%, and it is characterized by a long life span that may exceed 25 years, but its cost may be somewhat large.

Polycrystalline Silicon

This type of solar panels appear in the form of squares stacked with each other, and there is a very big and clear difference in the shape between them and the mono solar panels, and the cost of purchasing them is lower than the cost of the mono panels.

The use of polycrystalline solar panels results in an efficiency of up to 16.9%, which is similar to monocrystalline panels in that it has a lifespan of 25 years or more.

But experience has proven that there is a single defect in polycrystalline solar panels, which is that their shape is not aesthetic and does not have a streamlined appearance as in monocrystalline panels, and this defect does not concern many and does not affect the quality of their efficiency.

Thin Film

This type is streamlined and takes the shape of the surface on which it is installed, and many experts in this field are developing thin film solar panels; Due to its low weight and aerodynamics, it is suitable for use in many applications such as transportation vehicles.

Among its drawbacks, is that its cost is higher than the other two types, especially that its shelf life is also less than them, reaching only 15 days, and its lower efficiency is not more than 12%.

What should be noted is that there is no difference between the amount of electrical energy generated by the use of any of the three types of solar panels.

If you want to take advantage of the great advantages of renewable energy sources through solar panels.. you just have to contact your mom and you will find all your requirements.

The best solar panel company for sale in Egypt

AMEC Contracting Company provides all services related to solar panels, whether the goal is to use them in the industrial, agricultural or other sectors, and we install them and monitor their operation by a group of the best experts and technicians specialized in this field.

We have great experience in this field, as we have provided services for solar panels to many industrial companies in Egypt, and as we are able to provide solar energy services with high quality and efficiency, we provide the price of solar panels suitable and distinct from the prices offered in the Egyptian market.

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