Tests and measurements

AMEC Contracting Company provides electrical measurements services with high professionalism, to reach the state of electrical safety at work, through a group of the best engineers and technicians who prepare a complete study of the requirements of the customer and the facility in which the electrical tests and measurements are required.

There are two types of tests and measurements

Electrical tests

Mechanical tests

AMEC provides all testing and measurements services

Test power generators


& Central Battery

Steel Structure

Earthing System

Tests and measurements of electrical transformers. The company deals with major transformer manufacturers such as ABB, Almako, Egy Travo

Importance of tests and measurements

Tests to conduct electrical tests and measurements are of the utmost importance, as they contribute to preserving the lives of workers in the facility, as well as equipment and property. This positively reflects the regularity of the work cycle. This avoids the business owner any human or material losses and protects his investment.

AMEC is one of the leading companies in the field of providing electrical measurement services for all low and medium voltage networks at sites, with high quality and efficiency, taking into account safety and security rules and conforming to standard specifications and international standards in this field.

The company owns the latest electrical testing devices, and provides its services in this field through industrial loads and electrical measuring devices, and accurately identifying electrical problems through various measuring devices.

Prices for electrical tests and measurements

The prices for conducting electrical measurements vary from one site to another, as it is required in the beginning to inform the technicians of the site and determine its needs, and accordingly the appropriate price is determined, and AMEC Contracting Company is keen to provide the best prices to its customers with high quality and accuracy.

AMEC relies on a team of more than 40 engineers and technicians specializing in the field of electrical measurements and known for their high efficiency, and they carried out many projects very well that won the approval of customers and contributed to the conduct of work within the sites without disruption or crises.

We are also able to solve any safety and security related problems within all sites and help clients avoid damages that may cause future problems and material losses, and our experts are available around the clock. All you only have to do is communicate with your mom and all obstacles that you face will be overcome.

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