Electrical panels have become a vital and important component in many fields such as general contracting, architectural installations and the industrial sector; And if you want to get high-quality electrical panels, you should make a good choice among the companies that manufacture electrical panels in Egypt.

The importance of electrical panels

The electrical panels represent points of directing, regulation and monitoring of electrical energy within any electrical system, which requires dealing with them in a practical and scientific manner. In order to reach the best operating methods for the electrical panel, as well as take care of regular and good maintenance.

There are two types of electrical panels offered by electrical panels manufacturing companies in Egypt, namely, electrical distribution panels and control panels. AMEC Contracting is one of the electrical panels manufacturing companies in Egypt that offers a distinguished and reliable range of electrical panels that suit all customer needs.

Types of electrical panels

* Public electrical distribution panels, distribution electrical panels in places of service, ATS electrical panels or automatic transfer panels, service electricity panels, distribution electrical panels.

As for the types of electrical control panels, they are represented by «MCC control panels, synchronous generator control panels, ATS electric control panels, automatic transfer panels, control panels, direct connection control panels« DOL », electric control panels« Star – Delta », electrical panels with achievements Speed ​​by using inverters, industrial load bank control panels.

AMEC manufactures electrical panels within its own workshops, which are fully supervised by a group of the most skilled and best engineers, starting from knowing the customer’s requirements and passing through the appropriate design to the installation of the electrical panel.

Our role inside AMEC does not end on installing the electrical panel, as we follow the work cycle of the equipment and ensure that it performs its task efficiently and quickly intervenes in the event of any problems, through a work team that consists of a group of the best technicians specialized in the maintenance of electrical panels.

Why is AMEC the best choice in obtaining electrical panels?

AMEC is interested in developing its own work team and making sure to keep pace with global developments in the field of manufacturing electrical panels so that our product is of high quality, and we also adhere to delivery dates without any delay, and a high-level maintenance and installation team. Therefore, we are among the best manufacturers of electrical panels in Egypt.

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