AMEC Electromechanical Contracting Company is one of the leading companies in its field, which strives to develop, and meet the needs of its customers with all they need in the field of energy.

At AMEC Electromechanical Contracting, we provide you with electrical plans services for buildings, and we have a previous work experience that attests to our experience in the most prominent institutions in Egypt.

Steps to design electrical plans for buildings

After we finish the structural designs, the role of designing the plans for electrical works comes in three steps:

1- Designing plans and calculating the loads:

The first step is to calculate the electrical loads in the building, taking into account the increase in spare electrical loads, in anticipation of their increase at any time.

After that, we start designing electrical plans for buildings, such as distribution diagrams for blocks and lighting, based on the nature of the building and the type of work.

It is also necessary to keep identical charts in digital form, and in paper form; You can refer to it at any time.

2- Material selection:

The third step in designing electrical schematics is the selection of materials. We choose sub-panels, main boards, wires, etc., and we make sure that all our choices are according to the highest quality, in order to guarantee you perfect results and the highest operating efficiency.

3- Matching schemes:

The second step is to match the blueprints to each other, matching them with urban plans, air-conditioning plans, and so on.

Network installation and wire drawing

Because the smallest details make a difference, we are keen on the quality of all products used in the networks, so we use pipes of the highest quality, after calculating their size according to the number of wires planned to be placed inside them, then we move to the second stage in designing the schemes as follows:

1- Extension of networks:

At the structural stage of the building; We implement the PVC pipe network, and this network will be completed after the completion of the construction of the walls.

2- Extension of networks inside the walls:

After completing the construction of the walls; We extend the networks of plastic pipes inside the walls, by constructing ducts for the networks inside the walls, and we install electrical boxes and switches.

3- Wires and pulls:

After extending the networks and installing the panels, we begin the stage of drawing the electrical wires inside the network, after determining the diameters of the wires according to the need and the job.

Then the wires are connected to the main and secondary panels, and separate heaters and air conditioners are connected.

AMEC Contracting Company Services

At AMEC, we are keen to provide our customers with the best electrical plans services for buildings; In addition to many other electromechanical contracting services.

At AMEC we rely on competencies; We have a team with more than 40 years of experience of engineers and technicians, who can provide you with the best services and consultations, please do not hesitate to contact us.