AMEC Contracting Company provides electrical distribution panels for all workers in the Egyptian market, with high quality, advanced technologies and competitive prices that you will not find anywhere else, in addition to ensuring that customers can operate them without fear of any sudden malfunctions.

Components of the electrical panel

The role of the electrical panels is to distribute electricity through the branch electrical circuits, so that each sub-circuit has its own circuit breaker that acts as a protection valve, these circuits are gathered in its own box, which has a main switch for all these circuits, and we provide the design process for electrical distribution panels.

Types of electrical distribution panels

AMEC Contracting provides all types of electrical panels, as we cover all types of electrical distribution panels that are needed by all establishments, which are:

* Public panels.

* Electricity distribution panels in places of service.

Load Ban Electrical Panels.

* ATS electrical panels or automatic transfer panels.

We also have all kinds of electrical panels such as abb electrical panels, which are an important requirement for many customers, and the prices of our ABB panels are distinctive and the customer will not find them anywhere.

The importance of electrical panels

Electrical panels overlap in many of the works that are related to the work of institutions and commercial and economic entities, as it is the most important outlet for providing electrical energy and distributing it to cover all sites within the facility.

AMEC Contracting Company provides the design process for electrical distribution panels inside its own workshops, under the supervision of engineers and technicians with a large degree of experience and efficiency.

AMEC has the best technicians in the process of maintaining electrical panels, as we do not leave any room for the possibility of disrupting the work of the electrical panels inside the facility or the site where they are installed.

Prices for electrical distribution panels

AMEC provides competitive electricity distribution panels prices that you cannot find anywhere else, and prices are determined based on many studies conducted by our experts on the market before starting work on installing electrical panels.

Contact us now, and AMEC Contracting will provide you with the best services for electrical panels, including electrical distribution panels.

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