Who We Are??

 AMEC is a leading Egyptian company specializing in electromechanical contracting, Established in 2013, We upgrade our services in 2019 to become a premier provider of power generation services, electrical panels, and smart building solutions.

Driven by innovation, we upgraded our product offerings in 2022 with the addition of load banks manufacture operated by PLC-technology.

In 2023, we proudly partnered with Schneider Electric for UPS services selling and maintenance and after sales support .

Committed to national development, AMEC actively participates in building maintenance projects, contributing to a sustainable future. We offer diverse services, encompassing manufacturing, supply, and comprehensive maintenance.

Our dedicated team of over 60 engineers, technicians, and operators ensures the highest quality and customer satisfaction.


AMEC have been involved in some of large and complex infrastructure construction projects across the country.

Our experience has given us a deep and comprehensive understanding of the markets we serve, as well as the ability to effectively manage people, projects and equipment; proactively identify challenges; avoid pitfalls; and overcome obstacles to meet expectations for schedule and budget.

AMEC Contracting Company achieves the equation between fair price and high quality through correct knowledge of project requirements, and the company’s participation in mega national projects contributed a large percentage to its ability to quickly respond to customer requirements and implement them in the best quality and on time.

Why Choose US


Out Of The Box Thinking

Win-Win approach to problem solving

Flexible price


  • To solve unsolved problems in an innovative way.

  • To be AMEC the first choice for all the business sectors.


  • Doing our work, Smartly, on time scheduled, with the best quality

  • Trying to reach balance between a competitive price with presenting best service on requested time

  • Product Support Development


  • Integrity
  • Commitment

  • Teamwork

  • Quality

  • Responsibility

What distinguishes AMEC from electromechanical contracting companies in Egypt?

We are not the only company that provides electromechanical works services in Egypt, there are many electromechanical contracting companies in Egypt, but we are distinguished by some of the things that make AMIC your ideal choice for any electromechanical contracting work, which are

Keep up with what’s new

Developing the work team and the methods used to implement the projects we supervise, is one of the basics on which the company is based, so that we can provide everything that is new and distinctive.

Excellent and flexible pricing

We have great flexibility in the prices of our services because our main goal is to reach customer satisfaction and not to burden them with excessive financial burdens.

Outstanding work team

It includes a group of the most skilled technicians and engineers in this field, and they have high experience gained through working on major projects.

Members of the Board of Directors of Amec Egypt
Trading and Contracting

Eng / Ahmed Atef

Chairman of Board of Directors

Eng / Ahmed El-Deeb

Chairman of Board of Directors